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Hello, my name is Mikey…

And I have a blogging problem. How cliché, right? It is a problem starting out with this white screen (black by the time you, dear readers, see it) begging me to fill it, but with what? What to talk about? Most of my thinking is taken up with writing. Not necessarily the technical aspects, I’m sorry to say, but the story-telling aspects. There are a lot of stories circling inside my head. Some of them I’ve already written. Characters living in my mind and on my computer. Interesting people who don’t exist anywhere else, yet.

I suppose I may have inadvertently found something to write about: how I’m going to bring these folks to the outside world. My experiences with writing and publishing are limited. I’ve read a great article today by Josh Lanyon that was posted here:

I found it encouraging. In this article he states some fine things about publishers on a whole. Gives some sound advice, but also leaves me with a disturbing feeling concerning how deep the water might really be…perhaps over my head? I’m questioning my ability to swim. Yet, I can learn to swim. I can dive in head first and follow the bubbles to the surface. I’ve learned so much since I wrote my first novel in 2010. It took me six months to write and longer to edit. Folks have read it and fell in love the characters just as I have, but I’m aware of the manuscripts drawbacks. I’ve yet to shop anywhere, focusing on other stories I’ve completed. To my surprise, a short story that was rejected by one was picked up by another publisher and will be my first true writing credit. ERWA (Erotic Readers and Writers Association) has almost all the credit for helping improve my writing abilities so I can continue to tell the stories I like and perhaps share them with readers.

I’m not an expert on writing. I’ve yet to be an actual published author (coming June 2014), but I think within these virtual pages I will explore the ways I develop my characters. My stories are so character driven. I prefer the dark hero’s and I like dragging them through their own psychological fires, breaking them down until there’s nearly nothing left before I allow them to look into the light. I’m a HEA kind of girl, but I like to make them fight for their love. If it was easy, everyone would fall in love and have great sex.

As a reader, I like those stories, sometimes if I’m too invested in a series (which are my favorite to read) I’ll drop the book, not go back for a while. I always go back. I’ll always keep reading because of the characters. Some favorite authors of mine in the m/m genre are Abigail Roux and Josh Lanyon for their series. I’ve read their other works, but have fallen in love with the idea of a series because of these two authors. The Cut and Run series by Abigail Roux was my first, as it were, and Josh Lanyon’s Fair Game was the first book of his I read. I liked it because it was set in my backyard. Seattle WA. Well, I’m closer to the mountain, but eh? However, his Adrian English series is a favorite of mine. It’s one that I put down and pick back up so I can prolong the pleasure: delayed gratification.

Author not in my genre that I like is David Stone. Lord, if there is any man I quote often enough, it’s Micah Dalton. Is it wrong for me to imagine Micah Dalton in a male/male espionage story? Probably, but I love marigolds. Don’t get the reference? Read the book, The Echelon Vendetta by David Stone. Micah Dalton’s better than Bond. He’s a little more unstable, but at least you know he always saves at least one bullet.

Good lord, at one point I don’t know what to right and now I can’t shut up.

Well, this post is more of a ‘here I am’ than anything else so babbling can’t hurt, right? My next post will be more structured. I’ll talk about taking a story from a kernel of thought throwing it into the oil from which it pops up into a full-fledged idea with characters and everything. I’ll use my first novel as an example.

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