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Sensitivity Training

Sensitivity Training

by Michele Micheal Rakes


Sergeant Vincent Sweetwater filed into the tactical room for their first module of sensitivity training.

“That collar isn’t standard police issue!” Lt. Hanson paced.

“It’s lovely next to his long blond hair.”

“Shut up, Sarafino. When I need your opinion I’ll give it to you.”

“Sir, this tactical collar is issued to the K-9 units. These dogs are considered officers of the law. This is sensitivity training.” Sweetwater fingered the black leather.

“You know he has the leash to go with it,” Sarafino added.

“Shut up you clowns.”

“Sir, what are the policies concerning alternative sexualities?”

“Jesus, Sweetwater, alternative what?”

“Gay, transgender, lesbian, bisexuality.”

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“I’ve got to keep my mouth shut about my bisexuality. How sensitive is our workplace when I’m forced into a closet?”

“You know the policy. Don’t tell.”

“It’s a bitter pill being ‘taught’ sensitivity by an organization who suppresses my sexual identity. As if it has anything to do with how I perform my job.”

“We’re not debating, Sweetwater.”

“How about kinks? Whips, chains, bondage. Corporal punishment. Dominance and submission.”

“Just arrest them, Sweets, don’t kiss them.”

“What if their cute?”

“You’re trying to kill me?”

“Is that an option?”




by Michele Micheal Rakes


“I’m not gay.”

“That is fine, Vincent. Have you informed your dick?”

“You’re manipulating me,” said Vince. His wrists chafed beneath the rough rope, but he found he liked it.

“Don’t touch it,” begged Vince.

“I will touch what I want. Grayson, bring the plug and lube.”

“Yes, Master Greg.”

“No, Master, please don’t,” whispered Vince, uncertain of his protest.

“The lube and plug, Master. May I soothe the slave, Sir? Ease his tension?”

“The tension is what he seeks, but suit yourself.”

Master lubed the toy. He attempted to slip it inside Vince’s sphincter. The rigidity in the slave’s body hindered further pursuit.

Grayson grazed his fingers over the slave’s backside. “Relax, boy. Trust me, it feels good. Don’t you want it?”

“I do.”

“Then why do you fight it?”

Master pressed his hot, sweaty skin to Vince’s backside. “Speak to me, slave.”

“I’m not gay.”

“Then why do you serve a gay master?”


“Answer me, boy.”

“I need to be dominated.”

“A Mistress?” Master asked .

“No, I need a man.”


“Because I want it rough,” Vince snarled.

“In the ass?” Master asked. The tip of the plug pressed into Vincent’s rectum.

“It’s what I need.” Vincent sighed.




by Michele Micheal Rakes

The lovely creature sucking my cock moaned through me, a purring kitten vibrating the length of my shaft. God. Her moist hollow enveloping me, devouring my cock, was  making me insane.

I toyed with the red waves of hair spilling over my hand, cupping the back of her head, urging her to take me deeper. The sight of my slick dick slipping in and out of her dark, red lips, was enamoring. The graze of her teeth. Sharp, pointed little daggers dragging along my cock.

With a flick of her tongue, a tendril of my juices hung between us, her curling tip finding my slit, violating, teasing as squeezing fingers clutched my balls. I wasn’t going to last. Not with her wet heat suffocating my cock, sucking the life from my greedy prick.

Deep in her throat, her contracting muscle choking my dick, I came, shuddering into her body. Without fail, swallowing my essence. Unable to stop, convulsing with need, my fluid spilling as a steady river. Ever-swallowing, feeding from me.

My lungs drying, burning as my prick kept leaking into the dark, fiery recesses of her magnificent throat. She may well be the death of me. My sweet succubus.

More About Me

In addition to working as a surgical technologist, I’m a mother, a soon-to-be grandmother, Harley rider, and author.  My first publication is due June 13, 2014 with MuseItHot Publishing. I’ve several novels written and one of them is due out before the end of this year, with Loose Id. Also, another publication is due in the fall with MuseItHot Publishing.

My nest is empty at the moment, all of my kids are adults. I’m proud of them and hope all their dreams come true. They are as much a part of me as I am of them. They are good people and my best accomplishment in the world. Now, my children are two crazy Egyptian Mau’s, a loveable ferret, and my son’s Calico is staying with us for a while.

Some of my favorite things are to ride my motorcycle to Mt. Rainier. I love riding through sun-dappled old growth forests. Off the beaten path roads where its not exhaust I’m smelling, but the beauty of nature. I grew up in the woods out here and I’m torn between the excitement and convenience of city living and the solitude of the forest.

My passion is writing m/m romance. It brings me joy. The characters I create are a part of me. I love them and often return to the same characters when I begin missing them.

My friends populate a great group online called the ERWA. The Erotic Readers and Writers Association has helped me improve my writing. There is something for everyone and plenty of help offered by some of the sweetest denizens to ever inhabit erotic web pages.

Anatomy of a Trainwreck

The train wreck’s name is Vincent Sweetwater, a sex-addicted former narcotics cop now back on the job as a homicide dick after wrecking his Harley. Vince’s world is unkind to him. It has been since he was a child. A father who is in prison. A mother who died of heroin overdose. A life in foster care that frankly sucked, except for Mica. His first foster home was a friend of his parents. Mica was their daughter. A dark haired little girl three years younger. She inspired his protective instincts. All grown up, she still does, but his instinct is to protect her from himself. Married with one child, Vince’s life is torn apart when he and Mica lose their daughter in a car accident.

Okay, here’s where I’m going to make a comment: this was the premise for a m/f traditional romance. Trainwreck started out this way because up until then, it’s all I’ve read. Then I discovered the flaw with traditional romance: not enough sex! So, I decide to start reading some erotica. I wanted to find stuff that wasn’t the Penthouse Forum I grew up reading. I wanted sex. I wanted bondage. Whips and canes do excite me and I wanted them to excite Vince.

In my search, I found Madeline Urban and Abigail Roux’s Cut and Run. Ty and Zane are two characters I’ll drop whatever I’m doing to read, or listen too on Audible. Now, I knew more about Vince. I knew he needed a secret. Vince has many secrets, but I wanted him to have a double life, one that begins to unravel around him. It was time to test his sexuality. To test his desire’s and find from where his darkest dreams stem. I drew on some of my own fantasies for Vince. The most prevalent one is being flogged, whipped until you either bleed, come, or both. It’s the little things I enjoy.

He’s such a strong character. Angry and violent, but what if inside all he really wants to do is submit? Submit to his wife? Yes, but he could never ask sweet Mica to hurt him, to destroy him so he can wallow in the pain until she ‘saves’ him, forgiving him for being less than human. Like an epiphany,  I knew who Vince had to meet, a man who could do battle with Vince and win: Master Greg.

The development of Master Greg went beyond the stereotypical dom, yet he has all the traits. He’s an MD who switched from Oncology to become a GP (general practitioner) in order to spend more time with his dying lover, Grayson. Greg Dunne and Grayson Alexander are the sweetest, most loving couple to ever inhabit my brain and I kill one of them from the onset. Grayson is never met anywhere in the book other than in flashback or through Vince and Greg’s memories. Still, he is a vital character, so full of life even in death. He’s the link between Vince and Greg. Grayson’s memory makes them survive even a falling out.

By now you’re probably wondering about the antagonist. Didn’t I mention Vince is now working homicide? Besides Vince being the antagonist against himself, he also has to find a killer who may be the man who abused him as a child, Mica’s father Adam James.

Just one problem, Adam James was presumed dead in a structure fire. So while Vince is chasing ghosts, Mica is chasing him with the help of their foster brother, who is also Vince’s partner: Nick Sarafino. Through Nick we discover more about Vince as a person. Nick questions his brother’s sanity, but has his back when times come. He also hurts still over the death of his niece.

This book was the beginning of my foray into writing. I wrote it in six months. It’s been a labor of love. Since then I’ve written short stories and several novels. I still return to Trainwreck. It’s a my magnum opus in search of a home. Someday this massive genesis of my writing will see the light of day. Until then, Trainwreck is the epitome of learning what I was doing along the way. I totally winged it and have fallen in love with characters who inhabit Trainwreck’ s pages.

My cruelty is in getting beta readers attached to them as well. Hehehe, so cruel that I’ve written a sequel.

Writing Trainwreck is the first story in my life I’ve finished. I’ve been writing since I was a young girl.

Finally I’ve committed to my writing and its all because of a Trainwreck.

Check out my author page at MuseItHot Publishing

Cold Darkness scheduled for release June 13, 2014.

Four Day Weekend

So, my four day weekend has begun with knocking out two new chapters of my current novel Fourth and Long. Chapters 13 & 14 are down. Later, I worked on the engaging task of social networking. Next on the agenda is making a website. Perhaps once I get everything set up, it won’t seem as overwhelming. Things are happening so fast for all of my friends who are authors and also for myself. I get the feeling its only going to get better, yet somehow even more stressful.

I’m looking forward to all the challenges. To becoming a better writer. Everyone I’ve spoken to about my new adventure in publishing tells me its the best place to be and I’m excited over my MuseItHot experiences, too.

Spencer Dryden’s Bliss is a story I admire. I think its sympathetic to finding romance in marriage and doing what’s right to save that love. It’s an intelligent story that I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to read before publication.

Meg Amor has her short story, Dark War, coming out May 2.

My friend Daily has published with Ravenous Romance and is dedicated to the F/F romance genre. I read his F/F and he reads my M/M. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

I have so many friends who all join in helping me become a better writer over at ERWA.

Another friend, Ian, is writing a story that has me on the edge of my seat, with characters I adore. Love Mark and Mags!

Oh Gosh, and Daddy, Daddy, Daddy…been going to the gym, eh? Love you, dirty old man.

Erotic Readers and Writers Association

Check out the best place for Erotica. Authors, if you dig deeper you’ll even find wonderful critique partners for anything from erotica to mainstream stories.