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The Choking of a Beautiful Girl by the Bastard George Clooney

My friend, Huck Pilgrim is offering a deal. Go visit him in Carmel.

Huck Pilgrim Presents


A beautiful girl finds herself at the mercy of a Mexican drug lord.  You can read it now, for free, at Smashwords.

Here is a Smashwords code for 100% off the list price: CY98D.  The code is good until July 4th. Enjoy! Here is a little more about the story:

Lisa is young. Beautiful. She is a little bit shallow, but it’s not something she notices about herself. She goes to Mexico for a little fun. Some excitement. She would not have picked Mexico, because she is a bigot, but her boyfriend takes her. He tells her it’s all on him. Top shelf all the way. He gets the best room at a fancy casino. It’s the presidential suite. But then something goes wrong, and Lisa finds herself face-to-face with her own limitations. Fortunately for her, she meets Americo, a Mexican drug lord who is only too…

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