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With the Full Moon comes Cold Darkness

2013-07-21 21.36.13

This is an exciting moment for me, the release of my first publication, and I never thought it would happen.

As a kid, all I had were my stories. Every project for school I could write a story for, I would. I wrote a novella for history, blending my own family history into a tale of the civil war. I’ll never forget Charlie and the chicken leg he pulled from his pocket. He’s always nicking food from somewhere. Never knew when he’d eat, I guess. Thanks Mom. I wrote a pirate tale for English class and had a teacher who made my only assignment for the whole year writing stories for him to read.  Arthurian tales, witches, pirates, and vagabonds all found their way into my stories. I’d put my friends in horror stories. Sorry Mary for your sacrifice to the werewolves. Oh and the burning at the stake thing, too. Adventures through the mystic lands of faery with my friends in tow.  Through caverns under rivers and caves burrowing into mountains. It was all fun. All the best escapes of my life. Little did I know more were to come. I’d stopped writing for years after I lost all my stories in a fire. Luckily, my children and I were safe, but I didn’t want to put so much effort into my writing again. (The kernels of Cold Darkness popped from a horror comedy story my thirteen year old son and I were writing together. I’m sorry nothing came of it, but then I turned it into an adult tale with the dark themes I enjoy.) I had a lot of fun with Angus and wished we had kept it up, but it was fun and a great memory.


When I was a child, I’d sleep walk, so my mother made me sleep with her. She was afraid I’d fall down the stairs and break my neck. It started a tradition of laying in bed making up stories together. When I was in my early teens she would write ‘screenplays’ for our favorite TV shows. She would make word search puzzle books for us and I’d love reading the typewritten documents. My favorite moments was with my mom taking turns telling those stories.

My mother, Jackie. The hottie with the red ‘fro. Yes, that’s her real hair.

Whether I sell one damn copy, or none, the best part of all this is my mother read my story and loved it. Sex and all.

That is the best part of launch day.

Thanks Mom.

I'm the evil looking one in the blue dress.

I’m the evil looking one in the blue dress.







2 responses

  1. Such a lovely past story, thanks for sharing! Though my mom is supportive of my wanting to write, I could never share my tales with her. She knows I write M/M Erotica, but doesn’t mean she likes it! 😉


    June 14, 2014 at 12:36 am

    • Well, I can tell you, my mom has not read Trainwreck. I’m not sure how I’d feel giving her copy, but she liked Cold Darkness a lot…especially the sex scenes. Right on, Mom!


      June 14, 2014 at 10:15 am

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