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The Sense of Accomplishment

When writing a story, I look to the characters first, long before the story. Once I have an idea in my head, I begin to wonder how my newly birthed characters will react in a certain situation. Obstacles to put in their way are sometimes conscious choices and other times it is something that flows organically as I write the story. Sometimes I feel like the cruel bitch being purposely mean to my characters, but then I think about how they’ll overcome the psychological Mack truck I have bearing down on them; I realize it’ll be good for them in the end.

As a writer who tends to lean more toward the dark side, themes others might not want to touch, but I find those are the books I’m drawn to as a reader. Some are so dark, even I can’t finish them, or do so at my own peril. Writing characters deal with deep emotional and physical scars, while making them entirely real, is what I enjoy about the story writing process. I like to see my characters drag themselves from the depths of self-destruction, or escape the hands of a truly villainous adversary.

Sometimes, I write BDSM, and I have a special character, Vincent Sweetwater, who delves deep into his own psychological trauma’s through BDSM. He doesn’t feel sick, or suffers his deep self loathing when he’s with the man who makes him feel whole. For him, BDSM is his savior, but his Master is his the one who truly saves him. Vince has many struggles: his estrangement with his wife, a woman he’s loved all his life, and his desire to be held by the man whose whip made him feel whole. In pieces, Vince longs to put himself back together, but he’s a puzzle with pieces missing.

Kane is a young man who never imagined his world being anything but lonely. This poor man suffers for many reasons and he needs a savior. To me, I felt his savior needed to suffer too. I wanted someone who would be a perfect protector for Kane, and then gave him deeply ingrained flaws.

This is me, I like the anti-hero, the man who can barely keep himself emotionally solvent. A man on the edge, dangling his feet over the precipice, and trying to decide to jump or not. Behind him is a group of folks who hope, beg, and pray the fall never happens.  I’m often inspired by music when I develop a character. Currently, I’m listen to Seether’s Broken, and I can’t help the knocking of two new characters at my door, but they have to wait. I need to finish Fourth and Long, and give Trainwreck another read over because my ballsy ass decided it was time to pimp Trainwreck in person at a conference. Foolhardy? Perhaps. Will I fall flat on my face? Maybe. Will my skin be the color of my hair (pink)? Possibly. Could this be the biggest cockup of my life? Doubtful. Not when wonderful things are happening for me now. A grandbaby on the way, my 14 year anniversary coming up, and my first conference, all in one month. September will prove to be interesting. My son’s birthday might be the date my restless grandbaby will decide to grace us with her presence.

A lot to look forward to in the coming months. A lot of challenges. I say bring it on. I’m ready. Even if I’m not ready, I will be. Thanks for reading. Just needed to get some thoughts out of my head before I had to go to work. Mostly, how happy I am to have Saving Kane out to the world and now looking to get Jackson McCoy and Irus Beaumont to the universe, along with Vincent Sweetwater, Mica Sweetwater, and Greg Dunne.



4 responses

  1. Aloha Mikey!!

    EXCELLENT Blog. 🙂 Loved this. Very interesting to read. 🙂

    Thanks and aloha Meg 🙂


    August 13, 2014 at 6:37 am

  2. Bring on Vince! (Sorry had to get that out of my system before going on….)
    Great post! Congratulations, Mikey, for finally getting your stories out into the world. I feel privileged having been able to read some of them in advance. Soon the world will know what a talented writer you are (if they don’t already). Cheers!


    August 13, 2014 at 6:47 am

    • Working on it, Trainwreck is what I’m pitching next month at the conference. Fourth and Long will go to Loose Id, but Trainwreck is too long for them.


      August 13, 2014 at 7:12 am

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