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Authors for Authors

This is a new segment for The Writer’s Nest featuring a new question for authors answered by authors each day. Readers and authors alike will hopefully enjoy the insights, humor, and slight madness we all will bring to the segment.

I've told my wife I want it revealed at my wake with poster sized replica's of the tawdry covers from my books. That'll give them something to talk about.

Christina McArdle must cast out the demons of her past and present or lose the love of her life. In the prosperous community of Bliss, New Hampshire, in 1995, Christina McArdle is living a feminist dream. In short order she has become the first female partner of the venerable, male dominated CPA firm of Driscol, Ryan, Jensen and Palmer. The honor followed by her selection as the first female member of the prestigious Maplewood Country Club. But Christina fears that her career success has come at a terrible price. Her husband, Ben, has lost sexual interest in her. Unable to ignite his passion for her and desperate for understanding of her own inhibitions, Christina turns to Dr. Rachel Morrisey, a sex therapist, who helps her uncover dark secrets from her past. Christina’s path to recovery is blocked by a misogynistic pastor who traps her and many other women of her church in a shame bind that serves his purulent interests. Her path to freedom requires Christina to break bonds from past and present or lose the thing she loves most in life—the love of husband and family.

The day’s question: Are you in the closet as a writer, or balls to the wall open?

Spencer Dryden, Author of Bliss released from Breathless Press.

I write under a pen name. I may have shed my inhibitions on erotica, but if my family, friends and associated knew of my interests, they’d drop dead in horror. My wife is the only person in the family circle who knows I write erotica. A few others know I write. I tell them I’m writing a novel but I don’t know what it is about yet. I am deep in the closet and have no desire to come out. I’ve told my wife I want it revealed at my wake with poster sized replica’s of the tawdry covers from my books. That’ll give them something to talk about.

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One response

  1. Aloha Spencer and Mikey,

    Love this. Great question and answer! I am chortling away, imagining your funeral Spencer. No, not in that way… but the giant posters all around the room. And people saying… Oh dear… oh dear……………….. 🙂

    How does it feel to not be able to tell anyone what you write Spencer? That would drive me mad. Or is it your secret pleasure? 🙂

    Thanks guys. Fun!!

    Aloha Meg 🙂


    August 17, 2014 at 9:52 pm

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