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Saving Kane by Michele M. Rakes #LGBT #Review

Wow, thanks Sam! A great review.

Rainbow Gold Reviews

Sam reviews ‘Saving Kane by Michele M. Rakes’. Published by Loose Id LLC on August 12, 2014 and is 260 pages.

This book was provided free of charge by the author for an honest review.

Why I read this book: I loved the cover and after reading the synopsis I knew it was a book I would have to read.




A twenty-something paramedic suffering from PTSD and a failing relationship with his high school sweetheart becomes embroiled in the tragic life of a young, gay man brutally beaten, raped, and left for dead.

Kane Abel can’t help falling for his caregiver, the handsome paramedic who saves his life, but he’s resistant. The one time Kane threw caution to the wind, he was left with a wired jaw and a tracheostomy. He can’t take much more hurt. But with his attacker’s promise to return, Kane…

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Michele M. Rakes’ Fourth and Long Blog Tour: Character Interview

Sid Love

acks, why did you not tell anyone what was going on when you were a kid?

The one time I told someone, they didn’t believe me, so best to keep my mouth shut. A word of a ten year old doesn’t hold as much weight as a man of Phelps stature.

What’s different now?

Jared and Irus. They need me to stand up to the bogeyman of my past. It’s time for me to stop being afraid of what people will say or what will happen to my career. The kids of my charity deserve someone strong to care for them. It’s gotta be me. Irus made me see that and I’ll never be able to adequately thank the man for the strength he gives me.

Do you feel you missed out on childhood?

Hell, I missed out on life. I cut myself off from all meaningful relationships. My life…

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