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Apron, With Love

I love my friend Theophilia’s work. Check out this smexy story.

Theophilia St. Claire

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is a 6000+ story I wrote a few years back about one of my favorite couples, Ray and Warren. There is love, lust, an apron, and smut. LOTS of smut. So you might want to have some tissues handy. 😉

Since this story is Valentine’s-themed, I thought it’d be perfect to share with you all. Hope you enjoy it! I’d really appreciate a comment if you did!

(Image belongs to rightful  owner) (Image belongs to rightful owner)

* * *

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Ren.”

Raymond Rothchild couldn’t help a self-satisfied smile, watching the bewildered expression on Warren’s face. They were alone in their Manhattan penthouse, Warren just now returning from a dinner with his agent.

Ray had waited up for him. Wearing only an apron. Nothing else.

“Holy shit, Ray.” Warren tossed his fur-lined leather jacket onto the couch, his baby blue eyes skimming over Ray in blatant appreciation.

Although Ray…

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  1. Thanks for all the love, Mikey! Appreciate it.

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    February 28, 2016 at 8:18 pm

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