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Trainwreck Book One

wp-1459649682045.jpeg“Trainwreck: Book One” by Michele Micheal Rakes, Drai Bearwomyn, Tina Adamski, Dan Skinner –

“Logging on to the LAPD secure server, Vince checked his inbox, and was pleased to see the M.E.’s preliminary report. Mac was right, the victim had distilled water in her lungs, but the cause of death wasn’t drowning. The girl had suffered a heart attack. Under the post-mortem notes Mac detailed the cause of death as a heart attack during a time of extreme stress. The deteriorated condition of her heart was the result of severe malnutrition and ongoing physical abuse. The report concluded with the manner of death as homicide and was accompanied by photos detailing the wounds. Also noted were the scars indicating long-term abuse and the telltale signs of significant sexual assault. No DNA evidence yet. Mac suspected the body had been washed before storage. The promise of a detailed report to follow, including a narrower window for time of death. At the moment, Mac suspected the girl died sometime Wednesday night. Determination of exact TOD would take some time, he said, due to the body’s decomposition being retarded by cold storage. Presumably, the guy killed her Wednesday, kept the girl around in—what? A chest freezer? Dumped her Thursday night? Vince didn’t like it, didn’t like homicide, but something niggled in the back of his brain. Significant sexual assault. In the place where Vince kept the nasty stuff locked up tight, something cracked open just a tiny bit. Vague memories slithered into his forebrain. -Shut that shit down. Focus on the victim, Sweetwater. Vince clicked through the photos, studying their implications. From the level of bruising, it appeared she had struggled violently against her bonds. Maybe in panic. The fear of drowning can produce a kind of madness. The mental image of the pretty girl being held under water, her green eyes wide with fear until she stopped thrashing, flashed through his mind. Vince buried the nightmare. Instead, he sifted through the pictures, looking for the ones of her back. Small puncture wounds riddled her skin. Some of the injuries appeared ripped, like a hook had been imbedded in her flesh and then torn out. The pattern seemed familiar. There were fresh wounds and old scars. She had suffered the same abuse many times. Mac apparently had no guess as to what weapon was used to make the marks.”

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