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Why is “Character Development” a dirty word in Romance?

Character development to me is the cornerstone of writing and I’d like to share Brad Vance’s post on the subject. Please feel free to comment and visit Brad’s blog. Also, read his book A Little Too Broken. Proceeds go to the IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. It’s a sweet story I enjoyed reading.

Brad Vance Author

Okay fine, it’s two words 🙂  My point is, I’ve been pubbing for almost two years now, and I’ve published four romance novels in the last year (holy crap, with a full time job to boot – no wonder I’m tired!).  And I’ve had a lot of reviews, mostly positive.  But I’ll ask you all, because it baffles me – why do so many readers (not you Team Vance members, or else you wouldn’t be here) dislike it when I do character development?

For me, there are two important things in CD – backstory and research.  A character’s backstory in the Vance Canon has always ended up being either his childhood/youth, or at least enough of his life to show how he got to be who he is.  “A Little Too Broken” goes back as far as Tom’s injury in Afghanistan, just after realizing he might be gay, and Jamie’s toxic relationship with…

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