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One Night in Charlotte


OneNightinCharlottebyDailyHollow-1800HROne Night in Charlotte


My good friend, Daily Hollow, writes f/f, m/f, and the odd fairy tale or two. He has a new book out and I’d love to pay him back for all his kindness. Also, for his help beta reading Fourth and Long. Check out,

One Night in Charlotte

His name was Marcus Leonard Jenson, but went by Mark. He was born in

Billings, Montana on February 19th, 1987. He had graduated high school in 2005,

worked as an assistant manager at a clothing store, and then later accepted an

administrative job at the company’s headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Gabriella had flown into Charlotte four days ago, spending most of her time

making preparations, staking him out, and looking for secure places to dump the


Upon her arrival, it had taken Gabriella less than five minutes to hack into Mark’s

computer, and nearly ten to access his cell. Judging by his browsing history, he was

into strong, dominant women. That pleased Gabriella. Very much.


“I don’t even know your name,” Mark panted.

“Gabriella,” she breathed, then shed her top. Her bra was next.

Mark’s eyes widened as her large, dark nipples jutted proudly from brown

areolas, which were nearly the size of his palm. Her perfect breasts swayed back

and forth, practically hypnotizing him. A small mole jutted from the inside of one,

while a small, colorful parrot was tattooed on the other.

He caught sight of another tattoo—a dagger that started just below her sternum,

the blade’s tip disappearing beneath her waistband. A pearl piercing in her belly

button matched the gems on the handle, making it seem as though it was a part of

the skin art.

As Mark fumbled with his shirt buttons, Gabriella gave a quick yank, sending

them flying across the bed.

Before he had a chance to grieve over his sixty dollar shirt, Gabriella had her

hand inside his fly. After fumbling with his pants a few moments, she tore them open,

the button joining the others on the mattress.

Mark looked down at her arm. “Jesus Christ, you—”

Gabriella’s lips again attacked his. She slid her hands beneath his boxers,

grabbing, then stroking his cock. Mark yelled inside her mouth and jerked his hips as

her first few strokes tore strands of his pubic hair.

Mark took several breaths when she finally pulled away. His eyes again went to

her breasts, then stomach. There were more tattoos, several covering each side of

her abs. He squinted as he tried to make out what they were.

Gabriella’s hand gripped his chin, angling his face until he was staring into her

menacing eyes. “Those tattoos don’t concern you.”


City Series Blurb:

Mark Jenson is a handsome, easy going man who enjoys drinking with his buddies

and the occasional Myrtle Beach golf outing.

Gabriella is a beautiful, yet intimidating Jamaican assassin who has nearly fifty kills

to her credit. Because Mark unknowingly insulted a mobster’s daughter after they

had a drunken night of sex, Gabriella is hired to end Mark’s life. Gabriella had an

unusual ritual – she would take souvenirs from her victims. Since this was her last

job, and Mark being extremely good looking, his final gift to her is going to be a child.

After hooking up at a club in Charlotte, North Carolina, Gabriella finds herself

attracted to Mark. The more she tries to convince herself she needs to complete her

job, her feelings for Mark deepen.

Daily Hollow’s Social Media Links:


Twitter: @daily_hollow




Teaser for One Night in Charlotte

One Night in Charlotte by Daily Hollow


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